Awesome Chiller Replacement Project

Wow!  How is this for a crazy portable chiller project?  Rocky Mountain Portable Cooling received a call from a local mechanical contractor looking for a temporary chiller solution for the replacement of old, inefficient chillers at a local university.

Introducing Rocky Mountain Portable Cooling’s new state-of-the-art Trane Sintesis™ 250 Ton F-Series Chiller!  We added an additional sound attenuation package to keep the chiller operating quietly, since noise on this project was critical as downtown residential condos are directly across the street.  This new chiller lowers environmental impacts and is also designed to operate with the next-generation ultra-ecofriendly 500 series refrigerants.

This amazing installation was done by the mechanical contractor.  Because standard chiller hose was not feasible to use for this tall of a building, the contractor ran schedule 10 steel pipe from our chiller up 9 stories to tie in to the penthouse mechanical room.  In order to feed power to the chiller, the electrical contractor had to do an outage on the building and tap into the main electrical buss.  After the buss was tapped and the disconnect was set they ran close to 2500 feet of camlock power cables down the side of the building.  Incredible teamwork and a pretty amazing feat!!!  And check out the beautiful view from where the piping dives over the top of the building!  Hello Denver!