Portable Air Conditioning Units

We can help you find a cooling solution for any problem!

At Rocky Mountain Portable Cooling, we carry a wide variety of equipment and strive to provide powerful cooling directly to the area where it is needed. Whether you need supplemental or emergency back-up cooling to keep equipment or people comfortable, we can help you determine which system will meet your requirements and provide you with the best possible cooling solution.

Customers rely on Rocky Mountain Portable Cooling for equipment and expertise in everything from spot cooling to complex applications.

Rocky Mountain Portable Cooling carries the full line of OceanAire portable air conditioning units for rental or sale.

Take a look at our most popular Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled portable air conditioning units!


Portable Air Conditioning Units

Our convenient, self-contained portable cooling units are ideal for a variety of jobs.

  • Portable room units are available from 1 ton to 5 tons.
  • Air-cooled systems blow air across the condenser to remove heat.
  • Venting is required for the condenser discharge air.

Portable Water Cooled Units

Our caster mounted portable cooling units are easy to wheel in, plug in and start cooling.

  • Water-cooled systems flow water over the condenser coils to remove heat from the refrigerant inside.
  • Water-cooled units are used if venting is not available for the condenser discharge air.
  • Water-cooled units require a water source and a drain.
  • Portable room units are available from 1 ton to 5 tons.

SureCool Industrial Air Conditioning

At Rocky Mountain Portable Cooling we offer trailer and skid mounted air conditioning units that range in size from 5 tons to 60 tons.

Choosing the SureCool method of temperature control ensures your satisfaction throughout each step of the job, from the initial layout, to engineering and implementation and ultimately with our ongoing service and support.


Portable Air Handler Units

Rocky Mountain Portable Cooling’s air handlers are multi-purpose and used for cooling or heating, in sizes ranging from 4000 CFM to 25,000 CFM.



We can provide air-cooled or water-cooled chillers to supplement existing chilled water systems. Our chillers range in size from 30 tons to 300 tons with the ability to partner up to 2,000 tons.

We also stock a variety of pumps, hoses, fittings and power cable to accommodate any application.


Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative coolers are typically used in warehouses, manufacturing plants, gymnasiums, stables, kennels, etc.

Our portable evaporative coolers need to be place outside the structure and require a water source.



When additional air-moving is needed, we have a wide selection of heavy duty, high-volume, commercial/industrial fans¬†from 18″ to 48″ and airflows to 20,000 CFM.