Evaporative Cooling Solutions

Our rugged evaporative coolers are an economical solution for warehouses, shops, barns, kennels or tented events. They’re available in several sizes and use standard 115 volt power.

Evaporative coolers are placed outside the building to allow dry air intake. The cooled, moist air is blown into the area through a door or window. An alternate door or window on the opposite side from the unit allows air to create a natural draft through the structure.

Portable evaporative coolers require a water source and use an easy garden hose hook-up. When that isn’t available, we can also provide a 50 gallon water reservoir.

ProKool 42 Evaporative Cooler


Download Specification Sheet (PDF)

PK42 Spec Sheet

WayCool Evaporative Cooler


Download Specification Sheet (PDF)

WC-1HP Spec Sheet

50 Gallon Reservoir


Download Specification Sheet (PDF)

50G Reservoir Spec Sheet