Portable Air Cooled Units

Our convenient, self-contained portable cooling units are ideal for a variety of jobs. Units are available in sizes ranging from 1 ton to 5 tons and come with a variety of ducting to choose from.

These commercial grade units can be installed in minutes and are the solution for spot, emergency or supplemental cooling of data centers, office space, manufacturing, industrial or construction areas to preserve equipment or keep people productive.

An air cooled unit vents the hot air discharge through a duct attached to the unit. The duct then vents the hot discharge air using one of the following options:

  • Vented into a drop ceiling using our ceiling tile kit duct.
  • Vented outside through a window, door, or other opening.
  • Vented into a hallway or other area where heat is not a concern.
Model Btu/h Voltage Amps NEMA Plug Type
PAC1011 10,100 115/1 or


9.0/4.5 5-15
PAC1211 12,700 115/1 or


12/7 5-15
PAC1811 18,010 115/1 or


15.5/7.8 5-20
PAC2412 24,020 208/230/1 12.3 6-20
PAC3612 36,050 208/230/1 22.5 6-30
PAC3632 36,050 208/230/3 14 15-20
PAC6012 60,050 208/230/1 34 6-50
PAC6034 60,050 460/3 12.4 16-30P

Accessories & Add-ons


Discharge Duct Adapter


Evaporator Plenum


Condensate Pump Kit


Ceiling Panel


Canvas Duct


Condenser Plenum


Nozzle Kit