Portable Heating Units

We can help you find a solution for all your temporary heating needs!

At Rocky Mountain Portable Cooling, we offer heaters ranging from 5,175 Btu/h to 1,500,000 Btu/h.  We carry direct and indirect fired heaters in propane/natural gas and oil/diesel.  We also have a wide selection of electric and infra-red heaters for commercial or industrial applications.


Hot Water Boilers

Rocky Mountain Portable Cooling’s natural gas/propane hot water boilers are housed in either a 10′ mobile container or an enclosed trailer and easily transported and setup.


Electric Boilers

Our electric boilers are self contained in a 10′ container, so minimal additional equipment and installation is required.


Portable Heat Pumps

Portable heat pumps provide total temperature control at your finger tips!  Micro computer control can automatically switch from cooling to heating or heating to cooling. These units are quiet and efficient with 6 evaporator fan speeds that automatically lower fan speeds as space temperature approaches set point.


Electric Heaters

For commercial or industrial applications, our electric heaters are highly mobile and available in blower, radiant, and convection heating.

Typical sizing requirements for electric heaters is based on kW. Each kW produces 3400 Btu’s of heat. Determine the Btu’s of heat needed and divide it by 3400 to arrive at the kW required.


Direct Fired Heaters

Our direct-fired heaters set up quickly and are exceptionally quiet during operation. They have a direct spark ignition system, a thermostatic control and some are ductable.


Indirect Fired Heaters

We offer indirect-fired heaters where the heat exchanger allows for external exhaust of combustion products. These heaters have built in fuel tanks, direct spark ignition and are thermostatically controlled.